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Crystal Lubricants brand was established in 2013 and has continuously grown from an oil supplier to an oil blender, it has maintained a healthy company profile of a satisfied customer portfolio, happy with our supply of quality products at affordable prices. We specialise in Conventional Oils; Blending capacity per Blend 10000 ltrs ie. Hydraulic, Engine Oils, Gear Oils; smaller blends of synthetic oils.

We originally started as a company distributing lubricants and fuels but as the demand for lubricants increased, we now manufacture, package and distribute our own products. We initially started of at a small warehouse in Wadeville, but as the demands of our product has grown we had to move to a larger manufacturing plant in Edenvale.


Hydraulic oil, Engine oil, Industrial oil and grease, Synthetic oil, Degreaser,
Anti Freeze, Automotive greave, Thinners, Brake fluid.

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